Have you thought about the benefits that come with hiring a good office cleaning company? We are professionals just like you! We are properly trained to clean, dust and sanitize the environment.

We offer cleaning solutions for firms, offices, and commercial places of all dimensions.


Delivering reliable, affordable, and above all, professional office cleaning services in San Francisco and the Bay Area’s businesses. Whether your facility requires nightly/daily, weekly, or special occasion cleaning, we are ready to get the work done right the first time.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our flexible scheduling allows you to choose the optimal hours, days, and future scheduled events for cleaning services.

Each client receives an extensive review and estimation of suggested work to be completed, and all services come with a customized "checklist" of rooms, items, and the cleaning tasks that are performed. You will be assured of the results, as well as be able to easily confirm those results with your checklist!

We are 100% persistent and committed to producing the highest level of satisfaction for office cleaning services in San Francisco and the Bay Area’s businesses. Our office cleaning services are completely guaranteed. We use the best, latest and greenest office cleaning supplies out there!


You don’t have all day to clean up, and you certainly don’t pay your employees to clean up.

Cleaning Checklist:

Reception and Waiting Areas

  • Window sills, baseboards, a/c vents, tables dusted.
  • Water dispensers sanitized and cleaned.
  • Trash receptacles emptied.
  • Scent freshener.
  • Reception desk-tops, cabinets, phones, and computer components dusted.

Board Rooms and Meeting Rooms:

Table dusted, conditioned (per construction material).

  • Glass table top cleaned and squeegeed 100% spot and blemish-free.
  • Baseboards, a/c vents dusted.
  • Windows, screens, and clear surfaces squeegeed.
  • Computer monitors/components, phones, and other equipment dusted and wiped.

Break Rooms and Kitchen Areas:

  • Refrigerator, microwave emptied, and sanitized.
  • Sink, tables, and floor disinfected.
  • Countertops completely wiped and sanitized.
  • Extra attention paid to the coffee dispenser area.
  • Special consideration on vending machines and components.


  • Sinks wiped clean and sanitized, soap dispensers refilled.
  • Mirror wiped clean and 100% spot-free.
  • Toilet and urinals wiped clean and disinfected.
  • Post-plumbing repair disinfecting and cleaning.
  • Individual stall walls wiped and sanitized.